The road to Marathon

*Disclaimer: It’s a long one, but so is 42km so lace up! Legend has it the Greek messenger, Pheidippides ran the entire distance from the Battle of Marathon to Athens (40K) without stopping to announce the defeat of the Persians. When he got there, he collapsed and died…  And while we can safely assume that…Continue reading »

Laying down roots

I used to daydream about living abroad – of having sunglasses permanently fixed on top of my head and eating fresh watermelon for brekkie. But even when that daydream became a reality, it still never felt “real”.  

Until now.

It’s not the destination…

…It’s the glory of the ride! Just when I thought a change of direction was in order, here I am again, writing about the unavoidable topic of language.  But it’s a theme that creeps into every single aspect of daily life. We (expats and locals alike) are always thinking about it, talking about it or…Continue reading »

Here and now

This just in. My pleasurable (and until now, personal) pastime that is writing has officially transitioned into my professional life.  Once I got over the initial excitement of telling family and friends that I had a side-gig where I was allowed to CHOOSE MY OWN JOB TITLE and then updating my LinkedIn profile accordingly (more…Continue reading »

Let the good times roll

Life outdoors brings its obvious pleasures. Here in Spain, the sunshine and bright blue skies make it hard to stay inside, and for the first time in my life, my weekend plans are not dictated by the weather forecast threatening a ‘chance of rain’. Now, I leave home confidently without an umbrella most days of…Continue reading »