Hello Sunshine!

And bienvenidos as we say here in España!

Starting a new life abroad is exciting and terrifying, but above all, hugely rewarding. Determined to make the most of this long-desired lifestyle change (more like life-long dream), I have been throwing myself into all sorts of situations, desperately seeking opportunities to improve my Spanish language skills, and communicate!

And it hasn’t been easy! I have been challenged and tested, I’ve been flustered, and I’ve failed. But with every experience, I grow.

Let me take you on my journey, through my first two years of life in Madrid; featuring the linguistic challenges, of which there are many, the small triumphs, of which there are a few and all the hilarities in between. There have been moments of self-discovery, and of reflection. At times I’ve been thriving, and at times, just surviving!

But every day, I turn my face to the sun, appreciating this new life, because it’s all I’ve ever wanted, and this is just the beginning…


Ps. My husband (my main squeeze) features along the way, of course. He is the one who made our dreams come true and he is there on every step of my journey – supporting through the struggles, sharing in the successes and laughing, lots. I could write screeds about “us”, but I can’t write for him and his own experience. I had to resist the urge to assign him a catchy citrus-themed alias, so have simply settled for ‘R’.